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Research Excellence

Cyber security research at ICS encompasses four major thrust areas with mutual synergy.

  • Foundations: Core principles, models, and theories for cyber security and their translation to practice. ICS researchers have a distinguished record of contributions to cyber security foundations and continued activity in this fundamental arena.
  • Application-Centric: Theory and practice of security for new and emerging application domains. Current projects include:
    • Secure Information Sharing
    • Social Computing Security
    • Infrastructure Assurance
    • Assured Data Provenance
    • Privacy Policies and Enforcement
  • Technology-Centric: Theory and practice of security in context of specific technologies which present novel challenges due to the intrinsic nature of the technology. Current projects include:
    • Trustworthy Cloud Computing
    • Secure Internet of Things
    • Big Data Security
    • Blockchain Security of Applications
  • Attack-Centric: Theory and practice of malware analysis and detection. Current projects include:
    • Botnet Analysis and Defense

ICS research leaders bring a deep knowledge of cyber security models, architectures, mechanisms and protocols, as well as a deep knowledge of cyber technologies to their research. Past innovations by ICS researchers are widely recognized and practiced in industry. Additionally, ICS researchers have produced significant foundational results with sustained influence in the cyber security research community. ICS can mobilize world-caliber multi-disciplinary teams to address specific research problems utilizing researchers within UTSA and external to UTSA amongst our network of national and international R&D partners, collaborators, and friends.