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Research Labs

ICS has built and operates two world-class academic research laboratories dedicated to studying current and emerging cyber security issues. Both environments are managed by full-time dedicated technical staff who possess cyber security experience in industry, government, and academia.

ICS FlexCloud

The ICS FlexCloud is one of the first dedicated academic Cloud Computing research environments focused on studying security challenges surrounding Cloud Computing. It offers significant compute capacity and similar design features adopted by Cloud Computing providers. Currently this environment comprises of several production clouds operating OpenStack providing cloud IaaS and MaaS to researchers. Two other Racks are also being utilized as a test bed for researching other cloud management systems.

ICS FlexFarm

The ICS FlexFarm is an Internet connected environment providing researchers with a dedicated platform to conduct academic research on malware programs and methods for improving malware detection, faster response times to malware infections and effective malware removal techniques, with a special focus on botnets.